Welcome to Alpine Adventure Team, your professional partner for mountaineering, trekking and outdoor travel programs. Our multilingual team (SWISS, English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Netherland , Denmark , Sweden , Finland , Canadian, Austrain,Russian, Australia , Korean and Japanese) is at your disposal to make your journey an unforgettable experience. Since 1999. we organise and lead adventure treks and expeditions and other outdoor programs such as peak climbing, wild water rafting, wildlife safaris, cultural excursions and package trips and provide all other travel related services such as ticketing, hotel bookings etc. primarily in Nepal but also in Tibet,

Years of experience in the adventure business have provided us with the knowledge required to confront all challenges that may arise during trips in the mountains or the jungle in a professional manner. We guarantee safe travelling from the beginning to the end of your journey into the wilderness and we are committed to always provide high quality service at affordable prices.

Alpine Adventure Team Pvt. Ltd organises and leads adventure treks and expeditions for families, small groups, companies and other interested parties. From short trips of one to 65 days duration to treks and expeditions that may last several weeks. To fully appreciate the splendour of the Nepali and Himalayan scenery we recommend planning a journey of at a week , two weeks duration.

Meeting our customers' expectations is our passion, be it during easy treks in the hills at low attitudes or crossing over high passes and trekking along steep mountain ridges. Guided expeditions to explore and ascend new peaks above 6000m and high alpine treks in remote areas are our specialty. Years of research, planning and experience provide the basis to create unique programs which will surprise and delight the participants.

We organise adventure trekking and outdoor programs for all seasons. The main trekking season runs from September to May. In the monsoon season from June to August we propose treks to regions in the rain protected areas such as Mustang, Dolpo and Mt. Kailash , either from Simikot or Zhangmu.

From April to November we also offer Tibet tours to Everest base camp “north” and Lhasa.Groups leave from Kathmandu every satuarday e Tuesday!!!

For travellers in search of exclusive and unique experiences we offer trips to the “forbidden lands”, areas which until recently were closed for foreigners, for example Nar Phu or Gatlang. Here visitors will get an in depth introduction into the ancient culture and traditional life style of the various Nepali ethnic groups.

Whatever your travel plans for Nepal and the Himalayas are Alpine Adventure Team Pvt. Ltd is at your disposal to support you in making your journey to our homeland an agreeable and unforgettable experience. We provide you with manpower, equipment and all other required materials and services. For more information please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Alpine Adventure Team (P) Ltd. is registered at the Office of the Company Registrar as (P.) Ltd

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Misnistry of Industry, commerce and supply No: 7911, Member of the Trekking association, Member of the mountaineering It is operated by qualified and expert group leaders, trekking and mountain guides, tour guides and trekking crews with many years of professional Experience in trekking, mountaineering expeditions.