Instruments: Thermometer, tweezers, Scissors, Sewing needle, safety pins, Bendaids (20), cotton buds, gauze squares (20) sterile non.
Dressing and wound care: stick gauze 10 cm (10) small roll of 10cm adhesive tape bandage, triangular bandage (10) elastic bandage 10cm (1), closures eg. steristrips™ or butterfly.
Antibiotics: Ciproflaoxacillin 500 mg or norflaoxaicn 400 mg (20tabs) tinidazole 400mg (20) tabs
Antiseptic: Lugol's iodine solution or Betadine™ (25 ml. with dropper), 
Disinfectant: Dettol™ or Savlon™
Diarrhea: Immodium™ or Lomotil™ (10 tabs or caps)
Eye and Ear Infection: Antibiotic drops or ointment for eye and ear
Fungal Infection: Miconazole e.g. Daktrain™
Indigestion: Antacid Tablets (20)
Nausea and Vomiting: Maxolon™ or Stemetil™ (10tabs)
Painkillers (Analgesics): Paracetamol (25 tabs), Cideine Phosphate 30mg (20tabs)
Rehydration Solution: Jeeval Jal™ , Electrobin™ (4pkt)

Respiratory (breathing) Problems: Phenylephrine or Pseudophedrine nosal drop or spray, throat lozenges (15)Medical facilities in Nepal Mountain: Nepal is a developing country. Modern faculties are centralized in the main city only. Normally in the mountain there is no good medical check post. The traditional village people still believe in wish doctors and herbal medicine as it was practice for long. There are general medical service only in Manang (Annapurna Circuit trail) and Pheriche (Everest Base Camp trail). Even though there are medical services they will not run round the year. They will remain closed in deep winter and in monsoon season which is known as off season in Nepal. There could have a international medical volunteer in a season. Mostly these medical are to give you a orientation while you are going in high mountain. Alpine Asian Treks would always recommend having your medical facilities or asking your trekking operator to have them. Make sure that your personal allergy or etc should be carried by yourself. Thanks!

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