Rara Lake is situated about 370 km. north-west of Kathmandu, and is Nepal's smallest and most scenic national park. The park was established in 1976 and protects some of the most beautiful alpine and sub-alpine ecosystems of the Himalaya. The centerpiece is the pristine Rara Lake also known as Mahendra Tal, the biggest lake in Nepal. The lake is surrounded by richly forested hills of juniper, spruce and pine with snow-capped Himalyan peaks in the background. The trek to Rara Lake passes through Jumla and Mugu districts, two of the most remote and poorest districts in Nepal. The region is predominately Hindu with Tibetans comprising a small percentage of the population. Most of the homes in the area are Tibetan style although the people are mostly Chhetri and Dalit (Hindu caste). The Chhetris of the area have developed an interesting blend of Hindu and Buddhism religions. The route is very much "off the beaten track" and affords glimpses of cultures and scenery very different from that in the rest of Nepal. 

 You can make this trek Fly to Nepalgunj (200m) simikot,Fly to Nepalgunj (200m) to Humla orFly to Nepalgunj (200m) to Jumla. 

Trekking duration: 15 Days  to 18 days 

Starting from: Nepalgunj

Ending at: Nepalgunj 

Grade: Easy Moderate

Highest access of the trek: 3710m 

Culture: Mixture of different ethnic groups, Magar and Gurung at lower and Tibetan origin at higher 

Mode of trekking tour: only Camping 

Itinerary of Rara Lake 

Day 01: Arrive In Kathmandu

Day 02: Sightseeing / Cultural Day In Kathmandu Valley

Day 03: Kathmandu - Nepalgunj

Day 04: Nepalgunj – Jumla – Padmara

Day 05: Padmara – Bumra

Day 06: Gumra – Pine

Day 07: Pine – Rara Lake

Day 08: Rara Lake

Day 09: Rara Lake – Ghorasain

Day 10: Ghorasain – Sinja

Day 11: Sinja – Chere Chaur

Day 12: Chere Chaur – Jumla

Day 13: Jumla – Nepalgunj – Kathmandu by flight

Day 14: Rest kathmandu 

Day 15: Back to onward destination.

1)Highest point: 4300m

2)Trail grade: Strenuous

3)Total duration: 33 Days

Itinerary in details

Day 01: Arrival Kathmandu

Day 02: A full day sightseeing within the Kathmandu valley

Day 03: Fly to Nepalgunj, (200m)  

Day 04: Fly to Simikot, (2950m)

Day 05: Simikot to Gagru, (2650m)

Day 06: Gagru to Gatya Khola, (2800m)

Day 07: Gatya Khola to Pangkha, (2800m) (Via Margo La pass, 4300m)

Day 08: Pangkha to Puma Lekh, (2800m)  

Day 09: Puma Lekh to Melchham (2800m)

Day 10: Melchham to Darma, (2550m)

Day 11: Darma to Changkheli (3800m)

Day 12: Changkheli to Banwa (2500m)

Day 13: Banwa to Rara, (2980m)  

Day 14: Explore Rara Lake

Day 15: Rara Lake to Talcha Airport, (2800m)

Day 16: Fly to Nepalgunj and to Kathmandu.

Day 17: Fly to Nepalgunj (200m)

Day 18: Fly to Jumla (2240m)-Jumla to Uthagaon (2530m)

Day 19: Uthagaon to Burma (2580m)

Day 20: Burma to Chautha (2770m)

Day 21: Chautha to Rara lake (2980m)

Day 22 to 23: Rara Lake explore)

Day 24:.Rara Lake to Banwa, 6 hrs.

Day 25: Banwa village to After Changkheli pass, 7 hrs.

Day 26: Changkheli to Darma village, 7 hrs.

Day 27: Dharma village to Melchham village, 6 hrs.

Day 28:.Melchham village to Puma Lekh, 5 hrs.

Day 29: Puma Lekh to Pangkha, 4 hrs.

Day 30: Pangkha to Gatya Khola, 7 hrs.

Day 31: Gatya Khola to Bargaun, 6 hrs.

Day 32. Bargaun to Simikot, 3 hrs.

Day 33: Fly Simikot to Nepalgunj and to Kathmandu.

The trek from Simikot (Humla) to Rara (Mugu) which I completed in October 2005 was the trip of a lifetime. Depending on one's walking speed, it takes anywhere.

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