Simikot Limi valley Treks is North West corner of Nepal , Limi valley is the only one west east isolated valley extending from one Border Himalayan pass (Hilsa) to another pass (Chang La) between Nepal and Tibet. The longest river of Nepal , Humla Karnali enters Nepal border at Hilsa where the valley starts from West Side . Limi valley is very beautiful, photogenic, wide and wonderful. Mound Gyuokharka (5000m) provides the wonderful views of the Nepalese Himalayas like Saipal (7031m), Byas Rishi, Api, Kanjirowa, Kanti, Gorakh Himalayas and Tibetan Himalayas like Mt. Kailash and Gorlamdanda and tranquil Mansarovar lake, hundreds of mounds like breast, meandering rivers and rivulets. This region is famous for rare flora and fauna. It can be seen the marmot, wolf, wild yak, blue sheep, wild horse (kyang), barking deer, musk deer, hare, Himalayan black bear and occasionally the snow leopard in this exotic region. Indigenous Tibetan cultured people are settled there and they have their particular Tibetan language, tradition and culture. Very big and beautiful villages like Haljee and Gombayok are located in the wide patches of Limi Khola. The source of income of the people is only the livestock and occasionally little a bit trade. Some people make and sell the wooden pots like tea bowl, yogurt pot, jewelry box etc. Because of the poor economic condition, there is the Polyandry marriage system in the society. Grazing cattle in the pasturelands adds the more beauty in the valley and this valley is newly opened for the trekkers. To protect the fragile ecosystem of the high country, the government of Nepal issues the limited number of permits with special fee for that hidden valley. There should be minimum 2 persons in a group to organize the trip legally.


Day 01: Arival to Kathmandu , Transfer to Hotel.

Day 02: Limi Valley Trekking briefing with officially arrangements

Day 03 : Flight to Nepalgunj Overnight in hotel

Day 04 : Flight to Simikot (2950 m) / Overnight camping

Day 05 : Trek to Kermi (2700 m)

Day 06 : Yalbang Gumba (3000 m)

Day 07 : Tumkot (3100 m)

Day 08 : Yari (4000 m) and camp in a field

Day 09 : Explore in and around Yari village to acclimatize

Day 10 : Shivshiv (4200 m)

Day 11: Nara La 4500m / Hilsa 3700m camp in the nice field by the Humla Karnali River,after lunch rest day trip to Tibetan Sher market and back to the camp

Day 12 : Manepema (3900 m)

Day 13 : Haljee (3600 m)

Day 14 : Gombayok

Day 15 : Takchhe

Day 16 : Sakya Khola

Day 17 : Gyuokharka

Day 18 : Gyuokharka Round (5000 m) Early climb the Gyuokharka round (5000m), see the wonderful view of the surrounding Himalayas, Mansarovar Lake and the nice Tibetan plateau then back down the camp

Day 19 : Takchhe

Day 20 : Talung Khola Valley

Day 21 : Nyalu Lagna (5000 m) / Dharamsala

Day 22 : Kermi

Day 23 : Pani Nyaula

Day 24 : Simikot

Day 25 : Flight to Nepalgunj then connecting flight to Kathmandu / Overnight in hotel

Day 26: Free Day in Kathmandu for Shopping,

Day 27: Final Departure, Transfer to airport.